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Pay Raise Update: NTEU Continues Fighting for 5.3% Increase


As federal employees get one step closer to a 1.6 percent pay raise, NTEU is fighting for a higher increase in 2017.

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved a bill that would allow the president’s proposed 1.6 percent pay increase to go into effect this January unless further congressional action is taken. The Senate Financial Services and General Government appropriations bill must still be approved by the full House and Senate.

NTEU believes the proposed 1.6 percent raise is too low. On top of enduring zero or miniscule raises, federal employees have had one small locality pay adjustment in the past six years. NTEU is strongly supporting legislation in the House and Senate that calls for a 5.3 percent federal pay raise next year. Learn more

Election 2016FAIR PAY Ask lawmakers for a 5.3 percent pay increase for calendar year 2017.

BOOST IRS FUNDING Support adequate funding for the IRS.

PAID PARENTAL LEAVE Ask your representatives to support six weeks of paid parental leave.

NTEU Urges House Panel to Boost IRS Funding

Slashing the IRS budget once again would devastate the struggling agency and make it even harder for front-line employees to help Americans with their tax problems. (Read the letter)

Reardon Testifies on CBP Staffing Needs

Continuing Funding, Staffing Problems at IRS This Tax Season (Get an infographic)

IRS Data Book Records Steady Drop in IRS Workforce Numbers
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