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Who Else Opposes IRS Budget Cuts?

NTEU has long warned that slashing the IRS budget year after year hurts not just the agency’s employees but all taxpayers. Now, independent commentators are echoing NTEU’s warning, as these recent opinion pieces illustrate:

White House Implements 1 Percent Pay Raise for 2015

The White House has issued an executive order on federal pay implementing an across-the-board pay increase of 1 percent for federal employees.


NTEU is pleased that federal employees will be receiving a pay raise in January, but remains concerned about the widening gap between federal and private-sector pay. Federal employees went without raises in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The 1 percent raises in 2014 and 2015 are inadequate to keep pace with rising costs.

In the coming year, NTEU will advocate for higher federal pay, locality increases and will fight to close the gap between federal and private-sector compensation. A fair pay raise would benefit federal agencies in their efforts to recruit and retain talented employees.

See the 2015 General Schedule pay tables


Act NowAsk your senator to co-sponsor S. 1192, the Commonsense Contractor Compensation Act.

Act NowAsk your members of Congress to oppose any proposed cuts to FERS retirement and the defined benefit

Act NowAsk your members of Congress to oppose requirements to use Private Tax Collectors.

IRS Cuts Will Hurt Taxpayers

CBP Mission Suffers with Short-term Funding

Taxpayers will be Harmed by IRS Budget Cuts

Employee Morale Sags to Record Low In Latest ‘Best Places to Work’ Survey (See the rankings)

Federal Worker Pay Trails Private Sector Pay Increases (The September Employment Cost Index)

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