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DHS Shutdown Averted



One-Week Continuing Resolution Passed

The Senate and House approved a one-week continuing resolution (CR) and sent the legislation to the president for his signature. The President is expected to sign the bill, ending the threat for now of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding lapse at midnight.

Under the one-week CR, DHS will be funded at FY 2014 levels until March 6, averting a shutdown for now.
The Senate on Friday approved a full year DHS funding bill, but the House did not take the Senate bill up.

NTEU continues to work to get Congress to pass a full-year funding bill. NTEU members can see what they can do to help with this effort.

Updated Feb. 27 at 10:10 p.m.

NEW Ask your lawmakers to support legislation requiring that DHS employees not lose pay due to a shutdown and ensuring that employees who have to work aren't barred from taking leave.

ButtonACT NOW! Urge Congress to pass a full-year funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security before the short-term funding bill expires on Feb. 27.

TAKE ACTION! Ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor the FAIR Act, which would provide federal employees with a 3.8 percent pay increase for 2016.


Media Sounds Warning on IRS Cuts

Popular TV and radio news programs, along with the editorial board of a top newspaper, are among the latest to warn the public about the harmful effects of IRS budget cuts on the nation. Get the latest stories

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